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Advisory services realized by the Hetmanczyk Business Consulting Enterprise team use unique HBCE knowledge and own methodologies, in the co-operation with famous research institutes are the guarantee of not only highest quality, but also maximum practical usefulness of prepared projects.

Our advisory services are the integral part of every larger project and also element of the independent offer. Thanks to this we deliver to our customers measurable effects which not only realize founded aims but also cross the branch standards, contributing to the development of their enterprises beyond traced areas.

We offer first of all effective and complex solution of our customer concrete business problem. We are able to give professional and effective support of such areas of our customers activities as: marketing, sale, enterprise management , IT, training.

In spite our specialization in solutions for the SME sector, high level of our services from the area of comprehended wide business advising valued the firms with world renown perceived as qualities and high requirements synonyms of such trades as the building, pharmaceutics, finances, telecommunication, media.

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